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Brenda Gantt, a renowned chef and cookbook author, has garnered a massive following with her mouth-watering and easy-to-follow recipes. With years of experience in the culinary arts, Brenda has perfected her craft and continues to share her expertise through her cookbooks, cooking classes, and television appearances.

Brenda Gantt’s recipes are known for their simplicity, but they never compromise on flavor. Her dishes are a perfect blend of traditional southern cuisine with a modern twist. Brenda’s recipes are sure to delight any taste bud, whether it’s her classic fried chicken or her unique take on macaroni and cheese.

Besides her delicious recipes, Brenda is also known for her warm and welcoming personality. She always encourages her followers to have fun in the kitchen and experiment with new flavors. Her love for cooking and sharing her recipes has made her a household name in the culinary world.

If you want to try out some new recipes or perfect your cooking skills, look no further than Brenda Gantt’s collection of recipes. With her guidance, you can create mouth-watering dishes that will impress your family and friends. So put on your apron and get ready to cook up a storm with Brenda Gantt Recipes!

Why is Brenda Gantt So Popular?

Gantt became an internet sensation during the COVID-19 pandemic due to her homemade biscuits, downhome southern cooking, and love for her faith and family.

At the request of young husbands in her church, the retired schoolteacher and grandmother began posting cooking videos from her home kitchen, which brought her to the social media trend. People love her cooking because she is such a sweet and kind-hearted person, and she is affectionately known as Big Mama.

Best 13 Brenda Gantt Recipes

We all know how amazing Brenda Gantt’s recipes are, but which ones should you try first? Let’s look at some of Brenda Gantt’s best recipes. Get the full recipe and try this at home to enjoy!

Brenda Gantt Fruit Cake

Brenda Gantt’s fruit cake recipe is a beloved classic, passed down through generations, and perfect for any holiday party or special occasion. This fruit cake will impress even the most discerning taste buds with a rich, dense texture and a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavors.

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This fruit cake recipe is a true labor of love, but the results are well worth the effort. Whether enjoyed with a cup of tea or as a dessert after a holiday meal, Brenda Gantt’s fruit cake is a timeless classic that will become a new family favorite.

So let’s not wait anymore to cook the recipe and a slice of this amazing fruity cake for ourselves and enjoy the taste in every bite.

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Brenda Gantt Cornbread

Brenda Gantt’s cornbread recipe is a true Southern gem that is the most simple and quick cooking recipe you can enjoy with all of your family members while enjoying the taste and flavor. While the recipe is straightforward, the resulting cornbread is anything but, but the careful balance of ingredients and technique yields a perfect texture and taste that will not disappoint.

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So the next time you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-make addition to your meal, consider trying Brenda Gantt’s cornbread recipe.

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Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes

Without a doubt, fried green tomatoes are everyone’s favorite all people living in the South, and it has recently become a trend to follow Brenda Gantt’s recipes, and Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes recipe is one of the simplest and most famous recent times.

These crunchy discs are actually quite simple to make. They only require a few ingredients and take very little time to prepare. They’re delicious on their own, but they’re even better with a dipping sauce.

Brenda Gantt Chocolate Pie

Chocolate and pie are two of the most delicious foods on the planet. And when you combine them, they are absolutely life-changing!

Enter the Brenda Gantt Chocolate Pie, a delectable dessert that will satisfy any craving while leaving you wanting more.

Also, if you’ve ever had this chocolate pie, it’s probably left an impression on you, and if you haven’t, you should!

The Brenda Gantt chocolate pie is as simple to make as pie. So put on your apron, utensils, and taste buds and get ready to cook!

Brenda Gantt Cabbage Casserole

Brenda Gantt cabbage casserole recipe, inspired by the well-known and beloved chef Brenda Gantt. Brenda has become a household name for her mouthwatering recipes that bring people together, and she has millions of followers to prove it.

This recipe for her famous cabbage casserole is a southern classic that will quickly become a kitchen staple in your home. Follow along to learn how to make this delectable and simple dish at home.

Brenda Gantt Meatloaf

Everyone loves meatloaf, and one of her most popular dishes is her take on the classic meatloaf, which is both delicious and easy to make, even for beginners.

Meatloaf is a tasty and simple dish to make for lunch, dinner, or even as a kid’s snack. It is suitable for serving guests and is simple to prepare at home. And this Brenda Gantt Meatloaf recipe is so simple that even a novice can make it!

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Brenda Gantt Chicken and Dumplings

Have you yet tried cooking Brenda Gantt Chicken and dumplings? If not, it’s time to give it a shot. You may not know where to begin. It is right here. I’ll show you how to make Brenda Gantt’s Chicken and Dumplings step by step.

This recipe is easy to make and is sure to become a family favorite. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, Brenda Gantt’s Chicken and Dumplings Recipe is a must-try dish that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Brenda Gantt Beef Stew

Brenda Gantt’s Beef Stew is perfect for the colder weather! Tender beef is simmered in beef broth with potatoes, onions, celery, peas, and carrots until melted in your mouth and tender. It’s comfort food heaven!

Brenda Gantt’s beef stew can be served with garlic bread, brown rice, or salad, and trust me when I say that everyone will love this amazing beef stew.

Brenda Gantt Green Bean Casserole

Brenda Gantt’s Green Bean Casserole is one of the simplest recipes you can make at home anytime. It’s simple to make because the ingredients can be found in a typical home kitchen, so gather all the ingredients and follow the easy recipe.

Brenda Gantt Recipes - Delicious Cooks (3)

The dish was once known as “green bean bake,” but it was only served on special occasions. But nowadays, this versatile and tasty dish is quickly becoming a popular staple on dinner tables across the country as a regular side dish.

Brenda Gantt’s Chili

Brenda Gantt’s chili is a crowd-pleaser that’s perfect for feeding a large group or for meal prep to enjoy throughout the week. Its rich and savory flavor makes it easy to see why this recipe has become a beloved staple in Southern cuisine.

What sets this chili recipe apart is the use of a unique blend of spices and seasonings that work together to create a delicious and complex flavor profile. Whether you prefer mild or spicy chili, this recipe can be adjusted to suit your heat tolerance.

Brenda Gantt Fried Chicken

Brenda Gantt’s fried chicken recipe is known for its crispy coating and juicy meat. This dish is a crowd-pleaser perfect for any occasion like family dinners or potlucks.

What sets this fried chicken recipe apart is the use of a unique seasoning blend that perfectly complements the meat and creates a mouth-watering flavor.

To make Brenda Gantt’s fried chicken, you’ll need key ingredients, including chicken pieces, flour, buttermilk, eggs, and a blend of herbs and spices. The recipe is easy to follow but requires time and effort to prepare. It’s a tried and true recipe that will become a favorite in your household.

Brenda Gantt Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and cheese are one of those recipes that can be made in a variety of ways. Looking for the best and easiest homemade mac and cheese recipe, Brenda Gantt’s tasty macaroni and cheese dish is the best among all, and it’s also so simple and delicious.

Brenda Gantt Macaroni and Cheese is a popular macaroni and cheese recipe named after a well-known southern American chef, Brenda Gantt. This recipe is popular among foodies because of its creamy texture and rich flavor.

Brenda Gantt Biscuit

We’re featuring a traditional southern biscuit recipe from Brenda Gantt, a Southern grandmother who has been making these famous biscuits her entire life. And, as she says, it’s going to be great, y’all!

Brenda Gantt Recipes - Delicious Cooks (4)

The best thing about these biscuits is that they are not only extremely simple and delicious but also use fairly common ingredients, many of which you will already have on hand.

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Why do people love Brenda Gantt’s recipes?

The main reason people love This recipes are authentic recipes from her grandmother, whom she refers to as “Big Mama,” and they are all very simple to make it with few ingredients and step.

What is the best-selling cookbook of Brenda Gantt?

The best-selling and most popular Brenda Gantt cookbook is “Linger Around the Table Y’all” published in 2021 and still in high demand.

How much does Brenda Gantt’s cookbook cost?

The cookbook costs around $34.95 plus on the online platform, and the shipment has an extra cost, so it depends on your location.

What are the most famous and popular recipes of Brenda Gantt?

There are a few recipes of Banda Gantt, but the most popular among all of her recipes is her buttermilk biscuit recipe. It is the best of the best recipe of all time and a fan’s favorite.

What is the name of Brenda Gantt’s new cookbook?

The name of the new book by Brenda Gantt is “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all” and it is also the most searched book on the internet now.

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Brenda Gantt Recipes

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Unlock the Secret to Mouthwatering Meals with Brenda Gantt’s 13 Must-Try Recipes. Discover the Best Kept Culinary Secrets for a Deliciously Satisfying Meal.


  • Brenda Gantt Fruit Cake

  • Brenda Gantt Cornbread

  • Brenda Gantt Fried Green Tomatoes

  • Brenda Gantt Chocolate Pie

  • Brenda Gantt Cabbage Casserole

  • Brenda Gantt Meatloaf

  • Brenda Gantt Chicken and Dumplings

  • Brenda Gantt Beef Stew

  • Brenda Gantt Green Bean Casserole

  • Brenda Gantt’s Chili

  • Brenda Gantt Fried Chicken

  • Brenda Gantt Macaroni and Cheese

  • Brenda Gantt Biscuit


  • Browse through Brenda Gantt’s recipes and select your favorite one that you’d like to make.
  • Make a list of all the required ingredients for the recipe and organize them in your kitchen.
  • Follow the recipe instructions and make your favorite Brenda Gantt dish in the comfort of your home. Enjoy the delicious meal that you have prepared!

Brenda Gantt’s popular Biscuit recipe

Brenda Gantt Recipes - Delicious Cooks (2024)
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