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Annabeth loved her brain. Most days.

Most days her brain provided her with cunning plans, fantastic ideas, and generally wonderful information. Her memory retention was a bit better than the other ADHD demigods around her, for which she was eternally grateful. Even something as small as “where did I leave my cup again?” was easy to frustrate others if she wasn’t there to help out. So yeah. Even on the days where she had to reread a textbook five times to get what it was telling her, or force Percy to body double so she would actually do her laundry, Annabeth generally loved her brain. All of it’s little quirks included.


The intrusive thoughts.

They had started when Percy first disappeared, but didn’t quite go away after he was found. These momentary shocks of thoughts unknown to her brain kept Annabeth on edge- on top of flying across the world to save said world from Gaea. She would just have these days where everything was just that much harder because of these stupid f*cking thoughts.

She piled her clothes into the dryer as Percy sat by the laundry room doorway, fiddling with the strings of his blue hoodie. She glanced over as she finished, closing the dryer door.

‘What if slam your hand into the dryer door?’ Rang into her mind, an unfriendly visitor that kicked off it’s shoes and decided to stay a while. ‘Remember that time you slammed your hand into the car door by accident? Remember what that felt like?’ Except the second thought was closer to the remembrance of pain that she felt, the flash of the car door closing onto her hand. Annabeth shook her head violently, trying to disperse the thoughts physically.

For a second, her mind cleared. She took a deep breath. Percy looked up, smiling at her from the floor.

‘What if you don’t actually find him attractive? What if you hate him?’ Annabeth’s stomach sank, and her legs followed suit. She crawled over to Percy, sinking into his arms as he automatically opened up to his partner.

“What’s up, Annie?” He asked, voice ebbing like the sea. “You okay?” And he was so soft. His hoodie was soft, his black hair soft as it drifted onto her forehead, Annabeth finding home in Percy’s chest, between his legs. He laid his head on top of hers, wrapping his arms fully around the blonde.

“No,” she replied, muffled by the fabric of his sweatshirt. “I hate my f*cking head.” She bit out, throat burning.

‘Remember the feeling of slamming your hand in the car door?’ Her head replied. On loop. On loop. On loop, the memory replayed. Annabeth buried her head deeper into Percy’s chest.

“Oh love, don’t say that,” his chest thrummed with his voice. “Your mind has gotten us out of so many jams. I love your mind,” he kissed her forehead, and Annabeth didn’t feel like she deserved it.

“Can I tell you something, that you can’t repeat to anyone else?” And he could feel his head nod. “Not even your mom?”

There was a moment of hesitation, a breath that Annabeth recognized as concern.

“Yeah, Beth. What’s up?”

Annabeth heaved in a heavy breath. ‘What if you actually hate him?’

“Sometimes I get these thoughts, that I don’t wanna have,” she began. ‘Remember the feeling of a Razor Scooter hitting the back of your ankles when you were a kid?’

“Mhm?” Percy added, running a hand over her curls. Annabeth took another deep breath. ‘What if you actually hate him?’

“Like, bad ones, Percy.” She raises her head, locking eyes with him. “Ones that make me feel like I’m a bad person, or that I shouldn’t be thinking these things at all. Ones that make me feel sick.”

Percy just nodded, keeping eye contact. “That sounds like it would be hard to deal with,” he swallowed. “That would leave me feeling pretty drained.”

Annabeth could, unfortunately, feel tears brimming her eyes. ‘What if you actually don’t find him attractive? What if you’ve been lying to him?’

“It is draining. It’s so f*cking draining, Percy.”

“Wanna talk about them?”

“What?” And out of all of the options, she hadn’t guessed Percy would go with that one. “You, you want to know what they are?”

Percy shrugged. “I mean, if it would help you deal with them. If not, that’s okay. We can just sit, too. Or hey, we could go watch a movie- I think Leo snagged a copy of Hoodwinked. I haven’t watched that in forever…” He trailed off, lost in thought. But then he brought his eyes back to Annabeth, cradling her cheek. “Point is, whatever you need. I’m here, Wise Girl.”

Annabeth swallowed the frog in her throat. “I think I’d wanna watch a movie? Something where we could just talk through it, not have to think so much?”

Percy nodded, kissing her forehead. “Of course, let’s go do that.”

‘What if you actually hate him?’ Her voice sprang back at her. To which Annabeth took a breath, grabbed Percy’s hand, and thought, ‘You’re just a thought. You’re not reality.’ As they rose together off of the floor, socked feet beginning to pad through the Argo II on their way to spend more quality time together. Thoughts, or no thoughts.

The Argo II Needs Therapy - Chapter 5 - bigfootsghostwriter - Percy Jackson and the Olympians (2024)


What happened in chapter 5 of Percy Jackson? ›

Summary: Chapter Five

Grover apologizes to Percy for not being able to save Sally and for his failure in the role of a keeper. Percy does not blame Grover though and the two leave the farmhouse and enter into the main part of Camp Half-Blood. Percy meets Mr. D, the camp director; Chiron, who he knew as Mr.

What was Percy Jackson diagnosed with? ›

But Percy is an unlikely superhero: he has never scored above a grade C in his life, and he thinks he's a loser, until page 88 of The Lightning Thief (the first in the series). For Percy has dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), just like Haley, on whom the character was based.

How does Percy feel about Mr. D in chapter 5? ›

Mr. D is the director of Camp Half-Blood, and he reminds Percy of Smelly Gabe. He's not very nice and is kind of ugly.

What challenges did Percy face in Chapter 5? ›

Answer: In Chapter 5, Percy wakes up after having battled the Minotaur and doesn't know where he is. He is soon told that he is at Camp Half-Blood; that the Greek gods of mythology truly exist; that he himself is a demigod, or half-blood; and that he has to remain at Camp Half-Blood or else face more monsters.

Does Percy Jackson end? ›

Percy Jackson and the Olympians ended with Percy completing his quest and preventing the war between Zeus and Poseidon. In the finale, Percy defeats Ares and delivers Hades' Helm and Zeus' Master Bolt to their rightful owners.

How old was Percy in Book 5? ›

5- The Last Olympian, He is sixteen.

Does Percy Jackson have a sister? ›

In The Hidden Oracle, Sally is seven months pregnant with Paul's child, and later gives birth to Estelle in The Tower of Nero, making her Percy's half-sister. Percy has a half-brother named Tyson, who is a cyclops.

Is Percy Jackson ADHD? ›

In the debut movie “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” Percy is a 17 year old high school boy with ADHD and dyslexia struggling with school, and getting into lots of trouble. Unbeknownst to him, he is also the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.

Why did Percy get a tattoo? ›

Near the end of the book, Percy Jackson also receives his tattoo when he takes Jason Grace's place as a praetor of Camp Jupiter. His tattoo consisted of a trident, Neptune's symbol, and a line for his first year of service in the legion.

Does Mr D like Percy? ›

Dionysus greatly dislikes Percy Jackson because he's a hero, even more so because he is a son of Poseidon, like Theseus.

What is Percy's real name? ›

Percy Jackson's full name is Perseus Jackson. Born in 1993, he is the son of the god Poseidon and a human woman named Sally Jackson.

What age is Grover? ›

Grover's age is changed in the Disney+ series, with the show aging him down to 24 years old, compared to 28 years old in the books. Satyrs in the Percy Jackson universe age at half the rate of humans, explaining why Grover looks younger than his actual age.

Why did Grover tell on Percy? ›

While this may seem like a betrayal at first, it was actually Grover playing the part of protector to a tee. Knowing that monsters will find Percy at Yancy, Grover realizes he has to get him away from the school as quickly as possible.

What is Percy's dream in Chapter 5? ›

Percy dreams of hungry, murderous barnyard animals. Once when he wakes, Annabeth is feeding him pudding, and she asks what will happen at the summer solstice and what was stolen.

What did Percy fail to save? ›

The prophecy thus comes true in an unexpected way: Percy fails to save what matters most by allowing his mother to save herself. Upon returning to Camp Half Blood, Percy is betrayed by his friend Luke, son of Hermes, who turns out to be the human hero whom Kronos used for the theft.

What did Percy dream in Chapter 5? ›

Percy dreams of hungry, murderous barnyard animals. Once when he wakes, Annabeth is feeding him pudding, and she asks what will happen at the summer solstice and what was stolen. When Percy wakes again, a blond guy with eyes all over his face and hands is there.

What happened to Thalia in Percy Jackson 5? ›

She turned into a tree, but than Percy and his friends found the golden fleece and Thalia turned back into a human. She sacraficed herself to save Annabeth, Grover, and Luke. As she died, her father, Zeus, took pity on her and turned her into a pine tree. That pine tree stood on top of Half-Blood Hill for years.

Why does Grover feel like a failure in chapter 5? ›

Answer. Grover felt like a failure due to him failing to save Thalia, who ended up dying on Half-Blood Hill when Luke, Annabeth, and Grover were surrounded by monsters. They were about to make it to camp, but the monsters had found them before they could be safe.

What happened in chapter 6 of Percy Jackson? ›

Clarisse takes Percy to his "initiation," which involves getting his head dunked in a toilet in the camp bathroom. But just before Percy's head gets dunked in the toilet water, something crazy happens. The pipes make funny noises, and water spurts straight out of the toilet and over Percy's head.

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