Meet IShowSpeed’s Transgender Ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie)! (2024)

IShowSpeed and his transgender ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie), dated around 2021 and broke up the same year. Currently, Ava has been making headlines as she recently posted a video asking if she could give a he*d to a DashDoor driver.

Since he first gained notoriety in the streaming community, IShowSpeed (real name: Darren Watkins Jr.) has generated quite a bit of controversy. With his “hot-headed” style and antics, the well-known YouTuber has managed to draw a following of over 11 million subscribers to his channel.

He has encountered difficulty on more than one occasion as a result of his controversial statements and conduct on his streams. He has experienced many Red Platform suspensions, and Twitch and Valorant have both permanently banned him. However, we can’t deny the fact that he has made all of us laugh time and again. From Cristiano Ronaldo‘s “Sewiiii” celebration to barking like a dog, he has never failed us to entertain. After all, he has been the most trending person on the internet in recent times.

Recently, IShowSpeed’s personal life has been a subject of concern for many of his fans as his rumored transgender ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie), posted a video asking if she could give a he*d to a DashDoor driver. As a result, people have been wanting to more about Ava as well as their relationship. Well, we’ve got you covered.

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IShowSpeed and His Ex-Girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie), Dated Around 2021!

Before going to the recent news, let’s talk about IShowSpeed‘s relationship with his ex-girlfriendAva Villain (Barbie). First of all, Ava’s last name is yet to be confirmed. While some sources claim it’s Villain, others claim it’s Barbie. However, it is true that Ava (@datb*tchbarbiee) is transgender. She has been sharing her gender-changing journey, mostly through her TikTok.

Meet IShowSpeed’s Transgender Ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie)! (1)IShowSpeed and his transgender girlfriend, Ava, dated for almost a year.
Image Source: YouTube

Nextly, IShowSpeed (@ishowspeed) and Ava dated around 2021. The two frequently appeared together in IShowSpeed’s live streaming. You can still watch the videos on his YouTube channel. While the couple reportedly broke up the same year, neither IShowSpeed nor Ava ever revealed the reason behind their separation.

Talking about the recent news, Ava recently posted a video in which he asks a DoorDash driver if she could give her a he*d. While it’s unknown where she posted the video (probably on her OF), the video has gone viral across all platforms. Click here to watch the video.

Besides this, there is not much information about IShowSpeed and Ava’a relationship. Similarly, we’re unaware of who they are currently dating. However, we promise we will get back to you as soon as we get any further information about their dating life.

Here Is How IShowSpeed Rose to Fame!

Around the time the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, IShowSpeed started to take YouTube streaming and content seriously. His streams and content were mostly about the NBA 2K video game series. With the help of his streams, he gradually established a little community for himself and experienced moderate growth during his first year of video production.

In 2021, things started to really pick up for the young YouTuber. It became routine for Speed to have meltdowns on stream, frequently screaming or throwing items, as he kept routinely streaming 2K, Fortnite, and other video games. Fans posted clips from his live stream, including those of his tantrums, to social media platforms like TikTok.

Meet IShowSpeed’s Transgender Ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie)! (2)IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins Jr.
Image Source: Instagram

He went from 100,000 to one million subscribers in less than two months because of the popular videos and rants. Furthermore, IShowSpeed was able to maintain this high rate of expansion, expanding from one million to 11 million users in just under 18 months. He currently has 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The majority of Speed’s popularity and entertainment value are directly related to his antics, which has proven to be a double-edged sword for the streamer. His meltdowns improve his audience and engagement, which leads the streamer to repeatedly up the ante on his next freak-out or stunt. This feedback loop has been spotted by outside observers.

Due to his misogynistic outbursts and threats on stream, IShowSpeed has experienced some of the most notorious moments in his career. He participated in a date on Adin Ross‘ stream with online influencer Ash Kaash before the end of 2021. Speed frequently threatened the TikTok celebrity throughout the Discord date, and his threats were so serious that he was permanently barred from performing on Twitch. An identical response was given to him by Epic Games after some sexist remarks made about a female gamer went public.

There is no doubt that IShowSpeed has discovered a formula for internet and social media success that works, at least for him. However, his content might not be to everyone’s taste.

Meet IShowSpeed’s Transgender Ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie)! (3)

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Meet IShowSpeed’s Transgender Ex-girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie)! (2024)
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