Ishowspeed Ex Girlfriend: The Transgender Tale of Ava Villain (2024)

IShowSpeed (actual name: Darren Watkins Jr.) has stirred up much debate since he became well-known in the streaming scene. The famous YouTuber has amassed over 11 million fans because of his “hot-headed” personality and antics.

Due to his contentious words and actions on his streams, he has been in trouble on more than one occasion. He has been permanently banned from Twitch and Valorant and has been subject to numerous Red Platform sanctions.

We cannot, however, ignore the fact that he has consistently made us all chuckle. Cristiano Ronaldo has never failed to amuse us, whether with his “Sewiiii” celebration or barking like a dog. He has, after all, recently been the online user with the most trending status.

Since his purported transgender ex-girlfriend Ava Villain (Barbie) aired a video asking if she could give a he*d to a DashDoor driver, many of IShowSpeed’s fans have been concerned about his personal life. People have been curious to learn more about Ava and their connection as a result. We’ve got you covered, though.

IShowSpeed And His Ex-Girlfriend, Ava Villain (Barbie), Dated Around 2021!

Before moving on to recent developments, let’s first discuss IShowSpeed’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ava Villain (Barbie). Ava’s last name has not yet been officially confirmed to start.

Ishowspeed Ex Girlfriend: The Transgender Tale of Ava Villain (1)

While some stories identify the person as a villain, others identify Barbie. Ava (@datb*tchbarbiee) is transgender, that much is true. She has primarily used her TikTok to document her gender transition.

Then, somewhere in 2021, Ava and IShowSpeed (@ishowspeed) started dating. In the live streaming of IShowSpeed, the two regularly shared the screen. The videos are still accessible on his YouTube channel.

Even though the pair allegedly split up in the same year, neither IShowSpeed nor Ava ever disclosed the cause of their breakup.

Ava recently shared a video about recent events where he requested a he*d from a DoorDash driver. Although it is unknown where she put the video (perhaps on her OF), it has gained widespread popularity on many social media sites. To watch the video, click here.

🤔 iShowSpeed’s Transgender ex girlfriend is going viral for giving a DoorDash driver head without letting him know she Transgender and recording it for only fans. This world has gone mad 🫠@pmcafrica

— Peché Africa 🇿🇦 (@pmcafrica) May 7, 2023

Besides this, little is known about the connection between IShowSpeed and Ava. We also don’t know who they are dating right now. But rest assured that as soon as we learn more about their love life, we’ll contact you.

Here Is How IShowSpeed Rose To Fame!

IShowSpeed began to take YouTube streaming and content seriously around the time the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 began. He mostly talked about the NBA 2K video game franchise in his streams and content.

During his first year of making videos, he gradually built up a little community for himself with the aid of his streams and saw moderate growth.

Things began to improve for the young YouTuber in 2021. Speed continued routinely streaming 2K, Fortnite, and other video games, and it became common for him to have breakdowns on stream, frequently yelling or throwing things.

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On social media sites like TikTok, viewers uploaded clips from his live video, including those of his tantrums.

Because of the well-liked videos and rants, he grew from 100,000 to one million subscribers in less than two months. Additionally, IShowSpeed was able to keep up its rapid growth, going from one million to 11 million users in just under 18 months. On YouTube, he currently has 17.5 million subscribers.

Speed’s antics are primarily responsible for his fame and entertainment appeal, which has turned out to be a double-edged sword for the streamer.

His breakdowns increase his viewership and engagement, which motivates him to raise the stakes with his subsequent freakout or stunt continuously. Outside observers have noticed this feedback loop.

IShowSpeed has gone through some of the most infamous times in his career because of his misogynistic rants and threats on stream. Before the end of 2021, he took part in a date with online influencer Ash Kaash on Adin Ross’ stream.

Throughout the Discord date, Speed repeatedly threatened the TikTok star, and his threats were so terrible that he was permanently banned from acting on Twitch. After sexist words about a female gamer became public, Epic Games responded to him similarly.

Without question, IShowSpeed has found a method for online and social media success that, at least for him, is effective. His message might not be everyone’s cup of tea, though.


Ishowspeed Ex Girlfriend: The Transgender Tale of Ava Villain (2024)
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