Expro Group Oil and Gas Jobs - Jobs and Updates (2024)

Expro’s mission is well flow management. Exproprovide services and products that measure, improve, control and process flow from high-value oil and gas wells, from exploration and appraisal through to mature field production optimisation and enhancement.

With a specific focus on offshore, deepwater and other technically challenging environments, Expro provide a range of mission critical services across three key areas:

  • Well Test & Appraisal Services
  • Subsea, Completion & Intervention Services
  • Production Services

Expro vision is to be the market leader in well flow management, using the industry’s best people, to deliver the highest standards of safety, quality and personalised customer service.

Expro’s 40+ years of experience and innovation empowers the company to offer tailor-made solutions for customers across the energy sector. With over 4,300 employees in over 50 countries, Expro offers a truly global service solution.

Available Job Opportunities are as listed below. Click on the Job title to see more details.

Regional Operations Engineer

Requisition ID:75140Posted on 03/06/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Field Service Supervisor I, Level 1

Requisition ID:74440Posted on 03/06/2024Ivory CoastAbidjanOperations

Administrator – Well Test

Requisition ID:75161Posted on 03/06/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 2

Requisition ID:75168Posted on 31/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations Support

Payroll Coordinator

Requisition ID:74101Posted on 31/05/2024BruneiKuala BelaitHuman Resources

Project Engineer

Requisition ID:73940Posted on 30/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenEngineering

Assistant Operator

Requisition ID:75157Posted on 30/05/2024United States of AmericaMont BelvieuOperations

Senior Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Subsea

Requisition ID:74384Posted on 30/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support


Requisition ID:75141Posted on 29/05/2024United States of AmericaMont BelvieuOperations

Senior Operations Coordinator

Requisition ID:75150Posted on 29/05/2024UgandaTilengaOperations Support

Field Service Technician – TRS

Requisition ID:74561Posted on 29/05/2024DenmarkEsbergOperations

Purchasing Clerk (6 Months Contract)

Requisition ID:74946Posted on 29/05/2024MalaysiaKuala LumpurSupply Chain

Logistics Coordinator 1

Requisition ID:75153Posted on 29/05/2024MexicoVillahermosaSupply Chain

Senior Operator – Multi Phase Flow Meter

Requisition ID:73761Posted on 28/05/2024IraqBasraOperations

Supplier Quality Auditor

Requisition ID:75071Posted on 28/05/2024MalaysiaKuala LumpurSupply Chain


Requisition ID:75064Posted on 27/05/2024Ivory CoastAbidjanSupply Chain

Commercial Analyst

Requisition ID:75053Posted on 27/05/2024MalaysiaKuala LumpurBusiness Development


Requisition ID:75148Posted on 24/05/2024NetherlandsDen HelderOperations Support

Proposals Engineer

Requisition ID:74746Posted on 23/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support


Requisition ID:75111Posted on 23/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 3

Requisition ID:75137Posted on 23/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations

Operations Manager

Requisition ID:74507Posted on 23/05/2024AustraliaPerthOperations

Materials/ Metallurgical Engineer

Requisition ID:74763Posted on 22/05/2024United States of AmericaHoustonEngineering

Area Supply Chain Lead – Romania

Requisition ID:74965Posted on 20/05/2024RomaniaBucharestSupply Chain

Mechanic – TRS

Requisition ID:75116Posted on 20/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Senior Operator – CoilHose and Annulus Intervention

Requisition ID:75034Posted on 20/05/2024NorwayStavangerOperations

Operator – Subsea

Requisition ID:75075Posted on 20/05/2024AzerbaijanBakuOperations

Project Coordinator

Requisition ID:75062Posted on 20/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenAdministration

Materials/Metallurgical Engineer

Requisition ID:75049Posted on 20/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenEngineering

Dimensional Inspector

Requisition ID:72860Posted on 17/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Internship Program – Azerbaijan

Requisition ID:75074Posted on 17/05/2024AzerbaijanBakuInterns

Logistics Dispatcher

Requisition ID:75016Posted on 17/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations Support

HR Coordinator 2

Requisition ID:75105Posted on 16/05/2024MexicoVillahermosaHuman Resources

Technical Sales Manager -DST/TCP

Requisition ID:73749Posted on 15/05/2024United KingdomStirlingEngineering Support

Materials/ Metallurgical Engineer

Requisition ID:74764Posted on 13/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteEngineering

Operations Manager

Requisition ID:74962Posted on 13/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOps/Manufacturing & Production

Intellectual Property Analyst 1

Requisition ID:75044Posted on 10/05/2024IndiaMumbaiLegal

Senior Welder

Requisition ID:74338Posted on 08/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOps/Manufacturing & Production

Document Controller

Requisition ID:74997Posted on 08/05/2024NorwayStavangerHSEQ

Service Delivery Supervisor

Requisition ID:75032Posted on 08/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Well test

Requisition ID:75022Posted on 08/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Mechanic – TRS

Requisition ID:74562Posted on 07/05/2024NorwayStavangerOperations

Manufacturing Technician

Requisition ID:75017Posted on 07/05/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteManufacturing & Production

Senior Buyer

Requisition ID:73811Posted on 06/05/2024IraqBasraSupply Chain

Tool Technician

Requisition ID:75019Posted on 06/05/2024United States of AmericaHoumaOperations Support

Service Delivery Coordinator

Requisition ID:74120Posted on 02/05/2024IndiaMumbaiOperations Support

Hydraulic Intervention Operations Coordinator

Requisition ID:74966Posted on 02/05/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Product Line Specialist 1

Requisition ID:74932Posted on 30/04/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations

Assistant Operator 5

Requisition ID:74942Posted on 30/04/2024United States of AmericaBroussardOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 1

Requisition ID:74988Posted on 30/04/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 3

Requisition ID:74987Posted on 30/04/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations


Requisition ID:74960Posted on 30/04/2024NorwayStavangerSupply Chain

Senior Welder

Requisition ID:75003Posted on 29/04/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteManufacturing & Production

Competence Assurance Advisor – Slickline

Requisition ID:73613Posted on 23/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenLearning & Development

QHSE Advisor

Requisition ID:74907Posted on 19/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenHSEQ

Technical Specialist

Requisition ID:74899Posted on 18/04/2024United KingdomReading FluidsOperations

Asset Coordinator

Requisition ID:74906Posted on 16/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Supervisor

Requisition ID:74889Posted on 15/04/2024United States of AmericaWallingfordOperations Support

Project Coordinator 2

Requisition ID:73215Posted on 12/04/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteManufacturing & Production

Assistant Operator – Well Test

Requisition ID:74870Posted on 11/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations


Requisition ID:74661Posted on 04/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Requisition ID:74385Posted on 03/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenEngineering

Service Quality Manager – FTC 12months

Requisition ID:74620Posted on 01/04/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Senior Survey/Data Analyst

Requisition ID:74765Posted on 29/03/2024RomaniaBucharestBusiness Development

Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Wireline

Requisition ID:74646Posted on 28/03/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Area Supply Chain Lead

Requisition ID:74392Posted on 22/03/2024NorwayStavangerSupply Chain

CRM and Sales Program Coordinator

Requisition ID:72526Posted on 20/03/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteSales

Supervisor – Annulus Intervention

Requisition ID:74728Posted on 19/03/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Assistant Operator 1

Requisition ID:74435Posted on 18/03/2024United States of AmericaBroussardOperations

Assistant Operator 1

Requisition ID:74434Posted on 18/03/2024United States of AmericaBroussardOperations

Hyster Operator

Requisition ID:74722Posted on 13/03/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteManufacturing & Production

Slickline Operator

Requisition ID:74596Posted on 12/03/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Well Services Supervisor – Offshore

Requisition ID:74616Posted on 12/03/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Operations Support Engineer 2

Requisition ID:74608Posted on 04/03/2024United States of AmericaBroussardEngineering

Workshop/Maintenance Leader

Requisition ID:74601Posted on 04/03/2024MexicoVillahermosaOperations Support

Tool Technician

Requisition ID:73015Posted on 01/03/2024United States of AmericaHoumaOperations Support

Senior Commercial Analyst

Requisition ID:74557Posted on 01/03/2024United KingdomAberdeenBusiness Development

Senior Operator 1

Requisition ID:74404Posted on 28/02/2024United States of AmericaBroussard NorthOperations

Field Service Technician I, Level 1

Requisition ID:74145Posted on 28/02/2024MexicoVillahermosaOperations

Operations Coordinator 2

Requisition ID:74518Posted on 27/02/2024United States of AmericaMont BelvieuOperations Support

Supervisor 2

Requisition ID:74535Posted on 26/02/2024United States of AmericaCorpus ChristiOperations Support

Senior Operator Well Test

Requisition ID:72036Posted on 26/02/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Senior Workshop/Maintenance Technician

Requisition ID:74430Posted on 23/02/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Operations Coordinator

Requisition ID:74451Posted on 19/02/2024NorwayStavangerOperations

Operator 3

Requisition ID:74411Posted on 19/02/2024United States of AmericaBroussardOperations

DFOS Supervisor (Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing)

Requisition ID:74496Posted on 19/02/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Assistant Operator 1

Requisition ID:74491Posted on 16/02/2024United States of AmericaMont BelvieuOperations

Operator 3

Requisition ID:74458Posted on 16/02/2024United States of AmericaMont BelvieuOperations

Senior Technical Manager

Requisition ID:74486Posted on 15/02/2024United States of AmericaHoustonOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 2

Requisition ID:74443Posted on 07/02/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations Support

Senior Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Well Test

Requisition ID:73696Posted on 02/02/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 3

Requisition ID:74358Posted on 31/01/2024CanadaParadiseOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 2

Requisition ID:74364Posted on 30/01/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations Support

Operations Engineer – Tubular Running Services (TRS) – Well Construction Product Line

Requisition ID:73710Posted on 29/01/2024United KingdomAberdeenEngineering

Assistant Operator 2

Requisition ID:73638Posted on 26/01/2024United States of AmericaWaynesburgOperations

Vendor Management Lead

Requisition ID:73530Posted on 25/01/2024United States of AmericaHoustonSupply Chain

Product Line Specialist 1

Requisition ID:74297Posted on 24/01/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOperations Support

Senior Manufacturing Technician

Requisition ID:74265Posted on 24/01/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteOps/Manufacturing & Production

Project Manager

Requisition ID:74327Posted on 23/01/2024United States of AmericaLafayetteEngineering

CoilHose Supervisor

Requisition ID:74295Posted on 22/01/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Product Line Specialist – Downhole Flow Management

Requisition ID:73662Posted on 19/01/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Technical Expediter

Requisition ID:74306Posted on 17/01/2024United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Logistics & Compliance Manager

Requisition ID:74042Posted on 16/01/2024United States of AmericaHoustonSupply Chain

Workshop/Maintenance Technician -Subsea

Requisition ID:74222Posted on 11/01/2024NorwayStavangerOperations Support

Field Service Technician – Tubular Running Services

Requisition ID:74219Posted on 10/01/2024CanadaParadiseOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Supervisor

Requisition ID:73959Posted on 29/12/2023MexicoVillahermosaOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 3

Requisition ID:74087Posted on 07/12/2023NetherlandsDen HelderOperations Support

Supervisor 1

Requisition ID:74008Posted on 07/12/2023NetherlandsDen HelderOperations

Senior Operator – Wireline

Requisition ID:74007Posted on 06/12/2023NetherlandsDen HelderOperations


Requisition ID:73982Posted on 30/11/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Handling Equipment

Requisition ID:72482Posted on 30/11/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Competence Assurance Advisor – Subsea

Requisition ID:73335Posted on 30/11/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

Workshop/Maintenance Coordinator

Requisition ID:73901Posted on 03/11/2023NorwayStavangerOperations Support

Field Service Technician

Requisition ID:73727Posted on 01/11/2023United States of AmericaVernalOperations

Senior Slickline Operator

Requisition ID:73830Posted on 31/10/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Manufacturing Technician 2

Requisition ID:73873Posted on 30/10/2023United States of AmericaLafayetteManufacturing & Production

Senior QHSE Coordinator

Requisition ID:73847Posted on 25/10/2023United States of AmericaOdessaHSEQ

Workshop/Maintenance Technician 3

Requisition ID:73607Posted on 19/10/2023MexicoVillahermosaOperations

Operations Support Engineer – Subsea

Requisition ID:73570Posted on 18/09/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations Support

DAQ Workshop Technician

Requisition ID:71967Posted on 19/07/2023NorwayStavangerOperations Support

Cased Hole Engineer

Requisition ID:73104Posted on 14/07/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Data Analyst

Requisition ID:72981Posted on 21/06/2023PhilippinesManilaOperations

Field Service Technician I, Level 2

Requisition ID:72737Posted on 13/06/2023MexicoVillahermosaOperations

Senior Operator – Well Test

Requisition ID:72037Posted on 22/02/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Well Test Senior Technician

Requisition ID:72034Posted on 22/02/2023United KingdomAberdeenOperations

Field Service Technician II, Level 1

Requisition ID:68863Posted on 07/02/2023MexicoVillahermosaOperations

QHSE Coordinator 1

Requisition ID:68247Posted on 11/10/2022United States of AmericaVernalOperations Support

Slickline Assistant Operator

Requisition ID:64922Posted on 04/02/2022NetherlandsDen HelderOperations

Workshop / Maintenance Technician – Cased Hole

Requisition ID:63902Posted on 19/11/2021NetherlandsDen HelderOperations Support

Expro Group Oil and Gas Jobs - Jobs and Updates (1)
Expro Group Oil and Gas Jobs - Jobs and Updates (2024)
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