Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (2024)

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Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (1)

  • Taylor Swift has consistently shined at the CMT Music Awards since first attending in 2006.
  • She's worn sparkling minidresses, standout stage outfits, and a gown straight from her music video.
  • But she's also missed the mark on a few occasions with casual outfits and improper accessories.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (2)


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Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (3)

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Since the start of her career, Taylor Swift has made waves at the annual CMT Music Awards.

She first attended in 2006 and took home her first trophy in 2007. She's also made fashionable appearances on the event's red carpet and onstage for major performances.

Here's a look back at her CMT fashion, ranked from worst to best.


Taylor Swift's strapless dress missed the mark at the 2013 CMT Awards.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (5)

Swift attended that year as a nominee, recognized for songs on her "Red" album that sold more than 1.2 million copies during its first week of release.

So, it would have been fitting for her to rock the vibrant color. But instead, she walked the purple carpet in a tan, strapless dress decorated with delicate sequins.

The shapeless garment had an asymmetrical cut that dated the piece, and her ankle boots were too heavy to complement the light, flowing dress.


The same goes for the accessories she wore in 2006.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (6)

Swift arrived at her first CMT Music Awards in a flowing white midi dress. It had thin straps, a sweetheart neckline, and black lace pieces wrapped around the waist.

Though the dress looked great on Swift, her shoes distracted from the garment. She wore white pumps decorated with the same black detailing and thick black bows attached to each ankle strap.

The footwear was too formal for her summer-ready dress and too old-school for a burgeoning young star.


She kept things a little too casual to perform at the 2008 awards show.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (7)

She first appeared onstage to perform "Picture to Burn" in a black minidress with an oval cutout, cowboy boots, and a fedora hat — the latter of which she eventually threw across the stage.

Her remaining outfit was cute and perfectly embodied the girl-next-door aesthetic Swift established at the start of her career. But it was also overly simple and ultimately forgettable.

A few sparkles on the dress or a standout cowboy hat could have made all the difference.

In 2010, Swift walked the CMT Music Awards red carpet in a burgundy minidress.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (8)

She attended that year hoping to win one of three awards she was nominated for, including two for her "Fearless" hit "You Belong With Me." Her sophom*ore album sold more than 592,000 copies during its first week.

She didn't win but still looked great on the blue carpet. Swift sported a burgundy minidress with belt straps, a bustier bodice, and an all-over floral pattern.

The dress was fun and flirty, and it nodded to the styles she'd later wear during her "Speak Now" era. She also wore leather sandals and thick hoop earrings.

Her hair was the only part of her outfit that could have used tweaking. She wore it straight and swooped to one side when her natural curls would have arguably looked better with her outfit.


The musician showed her classic stage style in 2009 to perform with Def Leppard.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (9)

She hit the stage in a black fringe minidress to perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me."

The outfit was classic but fun and decorated with gold sequins across its straps and neckline. Swift also accessorized it perfectly with leather boots and a curly hairstyle.


Swift showed the edgy side of her style while performing "Red" at the 2013 event.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (10)

Her stage outfit included a sparkling black bustier bodysuit underneath a form-fitting red dress. The latter piece was sleeveless, belted at the waist, and cut with a wide slit in the middle of its skirt.

The outfit perfectly embodied the aesthetic of her "Red" album and made a memorable splash onstage.


She had a princess moment at the 2007 CMT Music Awards.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (11)

Swift looked like the star of a Disney movie in a cream-colored minidress adorned with silver sequins. The strapless garment also had a layered skirt and a pink satin belt around the waist.

The pretty, youthful dress was the perfect choice for Swift, who was then promoting her first album.

She completed the outfit with silver sparkling sandals, mixed bracelets, hoop earrings, and a skull-and-crossbones neckline.


One of her best looks at the annual awards show was vibrant and unique.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (12)

Swift attended the 2008 CMT Music Awards in a plum-colored dress with thin straps and a V-shaped neckline. Though the garment was fitted up top, it flowed out at the waist in asymmetrical ruffles.

The unique dress complemented the purple carpet and was styled to perfection with metallic heels. Swift also wore her hair in a side-swept ponytail with a sparkling headband.


Costume changes have long been a part of Swift's stage presence, and the one she executed at the 2009 show went perfectly.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (13)

She first appeared onstage to perform "You Belong With Me" in black glasses and a white robe, the latter of which said "Fearless" across the back.

But mid-song, she pulled the robe off to reveal a sapphire-blue minidress lined with sparkles across its neckline.

The outfit change was theatrical, and both worked perfectly with the performance.


Few fans will forget when Swift rewore her green dress from the "Teardrops On My Guitar" music video.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (14)

She took home her first CMT Music Award in the shining green gown, created by Sandi Spika Borchetta — a fashion designer and the wife of Swift's former friend, music executive, and current foe, Scott Borchetta.

The gown had a massive skirt that flowed behind her, making Swift look like music royalty at the start of her career. It also paired perfectly with her signature curly hair.


Her best CMT Music Awards outfit to date was the silver minidress she wore in 2009.

Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (15)

She arrived on the red carpet in an ensemble that evoked old Hollywood glamour. Her dress was sleeveless with a scalloped neckline, and its minidress was tiered and sparkling.

Swift wore the dress with crystal-covered black heels, diamond earrings, and an updo hairstyle.

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Everything Taylor Swift has worn at the CMT Music Awards, ranked (2024)


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Things You Should Know
  1. Email Taylor Nation about merch or store purchases at taylorswift@umgstores.com.
  2. Try sending Taylor Swift fan mail at 242 West Main Street PMB 412 Hendersonville, TN 37075.
  3. Interact with Taylor Swift and Taylor Nation on social media to have the best chance of contacting her.
Feb 19, 2024

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