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Comerica Park is a celebrated ballpark and venue that’s home to Major League Baseball's Detroit Tigers. Opened in 2000, the park has become an iconic landmark in the city, with the Ferris wheel in the background of the outfield and the historic carousel making it a family-friendly spectacle.

Offering a seating capacity of over 41,000 spectators, this is a major location for summertime concerts and other events in Detroit. Its downtown location makes it a central destination for Detroiters, the surrounding suburbs, and even a few baseball fans from nearby Windsor.

If you’re traveling into Detroit for a game or show, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the bag policy so that there are no surprises at the gate. If you have luggage of any sort, you’ll need to find a secure place to store it before heading to the game. Comerica Park luggage storage doesn’t get any easier than using Bounce. It’s simple to book online, convenient, and always secure - ideal for when you’re in a bind.

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Comerica Park bag policy

The Comerica Park bag policy is pretty strict. All bags need to be single compartments and smaller than 4" x 6" x 1.5", and that includes the strap. All backpacks, suitcases, and luggage are strictly prohibited.

There are medical exceptions that include diaper bags and breast pumps for families, along with medical items like oxygen, insulin, epi-pens, and similar items.

Because of the strict bag policy, you will not want to get caught with your luggage at the gate, only to be turned away. Luckily, Bounce’s luggage storage spot in downtown Detroit, as well as the Walker location, are both near Comerica Park and the city’s best cultural offerings.

Comerica Park food policy

All outside food and drink are prohibited, with the exception of juice boxes and formula for small children. Additionally, each guest is allowed one factory-sealed plastic water bottle or a completely empty one for refilling at water fountains.

Don’t fret about the food policy because Comerica Park has an amazing selection of local bites to enjoy during the game. The Beer Hall has curated an incredible menu of local craft beer, and spots like Bert’s and the Lobster Food Truck bring epic snacks like BBQ nachos and lobster mac and cheese.

For those with dietary restrictions, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are common at vendors like Breadless. The spicy falafel is the most popular plant-based option at the ballpark.

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Comerica Park transportation

It’s fairly simple to figure out how to get to Comerica Park. It’s located right in downtown Detroit, so it’s very easy to access from the rest of the city and surrounding suburbs.

People Mover

Detroit's automated People Mover is a convenient option for traveling within the downtown area. The Grand Circus Park Station and the Broadway Station are both within walking distance of Comerica Park.


The QLine is Detroit’s streetcar that runs along Woodward Avenue directly to the ballpark. The park is walkable from the Montcalm and Grand Circus QLine stations.


If you're staying downtown, Comerica Park is extremely walkable. Brush Park and Lafayette are within a 20-minute walk as well.

Taxi and rideshare

Uber and Lyft are both widely available in Detroit, and you'll still find taxis, especially in the downtown districts. There are designated pick-up and drop-off points near the ballpark.


If you're driving in from the suburbs or out of town, Comerica Park is relatively accessible from Highway 375. Parking can be tough as it fills up pretty early.

Public transportation

Detroit's SMART bus network covers most of downtown with special bus services to accommodate the larger crowds on game day.

Comerica Park camera policy

Point-and-shoot cameras, including disposable and polaroid models, are allowed in the park so long as they don’t have detachable lenses. Professional equipment like tripods, monopods, detachable lenses, and video recording devices all require a media credential, according to the Comerica Park camera policy. GoPros and tablets aren’t allowed in the stadium, either.

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Comerica Park rules

Permitted items

Ballpark classics like headsets, binoculars, small radios, seat cushions, and baseball mitts are welcome inside. Strollers that fold up to fit beneath seats are permitted in the stadium, but larger ones will need to be checked at guest services.

Signs, banners, and flags are allowed so long as they are smaller than 11” x 17” and pertain (strictly) to the event.

Prohibited items

Glowsticks, flashlights, laser pointers (obviously), and any outside lights are strictly prohibited. Banners, flags, and signs attached to a stick or pole are also prohibited. Large umbrellas with metal tips are also banned.


Gates open one hour and 40 minutes prior to the first pitch. If there is a ceremony or promotional component to the game, this will be communicated on your ticket and on the Tigers' website.


Recently, Comerica Park has gone cashless, with credit and debit cards being the primary form of payment for concessions and merchandise. Mobile payments like Apple and Google Pay are also standard. What’s new to Comerica Park is the Cash2Card Kiosks you’ll see around the stadium, which allow you to convert cash to Visa cards that you can use anywhere (not just the ballpark).


There are no longer any testing or vaccine requirements to enter Comerica Park.


If you’re in Detroit and the Tigers are in town, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than catching a game at this historic ballpark, especially when the weather is pleasant. Not only can you catch nine innings, but the area around Comerica Park is ripe for exploration. Just don’t get caught dragging your luggage up to the gate.

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Comerica Park visitor guide: everything you need to know - Bounce (2024)
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