Review To Check If It Is Scam Or Genuine (2024)

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Our thorough investigation, as presented in the Brookepe review, reveals as a fraudulent online store. Let's analyze the reasons supporting this conclusion. Review To Check If It Is Scam Or Genuine (1)

Brookepe is not a genuine online store due to these reasons:

  • Its website name,NAEVORA, doesn’t match with its domain name,Brookepe. We have found such different names mostly on scam sites. You can refer the screenshot for the proof.
  • Brookepe shares characteristics with known scam sites in terms of its looks and writing style.
  • In addition, its social media icons lead to the home pages of those social media sites, instead of its official social media pages or profiles, as appears across various scam sites.
  • Additionally, we have come across many websites resembling this one that have received numerous complaints concerning delivery time, refund policy, customer service, and similar issues.
  • As shown in the below screenshot, Brookepe has a questionable parent company named,Wisteria Trade Limited. Since, this parent company name can be found on multiple problematic sites such asVaswerl, Bgiewq, Lujirw, Bertlove Shop, and so on.

Here is the screenshot of its contact us page for the proof: Review To Check If It Is Scam Or Genuine (2)

Final Verdict:

As mentioned earlier in this Brookepe review, it is clear that is not a genuine online store, so we don't recommend shopping on Brookepe.

Now that you know our final verdict for from our Brookepe review, here's what we suggest you do:

Check Comments:

To learn more about, check the comments below. If there are no comments, use the points mentioned above to check it yourself or follow our Brookepe review as mentioned earlier.

Spread Word:

Spread a word about this scam by sharing this Brookepe review with your friends and family through your social media accounts.

Report Scams:

If you want to report other scams, file complaints, or share reviews about different companies, please visit our “Report A Scam, File Complaint, Or Post Your Review” section. There, you can share your reviews or complaints regarding those specific companies or activities.

FAQs and Answers based on this Brookepe review:

What to do if you have already bought goods from scam online stores like Brookepe?

If you have already bought products from a scam online stores like, then here are some steps you can take:

  1. Get in touch with the seller: First of all, contact the seller or the customer support of the online store using the contact info they've given you.
  2. Look for confirmation: Once you contact the seller, check your email or order confirmation for any tracking info or order details. Since, genuine websites usually give you tracking numbers or send confirmation emails to help you keep track of your shipment.
  3. Keep an eye on your financial statements: If you see any transactions you didn't approve, then quickly inform your bank or credit card company. So, you should regularly check your bank and credit card statements for any strange or unknown charges.
  4. Take action if needed:
    • If you paid with a credit card, then think about starting a dispute with your credit card company. So, get in touch with them and explain what happened to begin the dispute process.
    • If you used PayPal, then open a dispute through your PayPal account and then contact PayPal's support team.
  5. Use Online Dispute Help: See if the online store or payment website you used has dispute help. If they do, then use it to talk about your concerns and try to fix the problem.
  6. Report Suspicious Activity:
    • If you think you've come across an online scam, then tell the authorities in your country.
    • Also, report what happened to online fraud reporting agencies, like the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) in the United States.
  7. Change Your Passwords: If you've created an account on the suspicious website, and used the same password elsewhere, then change it on other accounts to be on a safe side.

How can I get a refund from problematic online store?

If you've bought something from a problematic online store, first of all, contact the seller. Then, check for the tracking details. And, if needed, open a dispute with your payment provider and report to the authorities.

How to spot online scams or doubtful websites like

To spot online scams, remember these tips:

  1. Verify Contact Information: Genuine websites mostly provide physical address and phone number. But, scam sites often don't or provide fake details.
  2. Watch Out Unreal Discounts: Websites offering high discounts should not be trusted. Genuine sites don't offer unrealistically high discounts.
  3. Identify Copied Content: Scam websites mostly copy content from other scam sites. If you find familiar content across multiple websites, ignore such sites.
  4. Assess Website Security: Check the website's SSL security. Also, check trust seal logos like McAfee or Norton. Real trust seals can be clicked and take you to official verification pages. However, fake ones don't work or take you to random pages.
  5. Review Customer Feedback: See if there are any complaints from customers about the website. Few complaints mixed with mostly good reviews suggest decent reputation. If there are lots of complaints and negative reviews, be careful.
  6. Scrutinize Social Media Links: Beware of websites that either lack social media icons or provide fake ones that don't direct you to the company's official social media profiles.
  7. Identify False Promises: Websites that promise big money for easy work, super-fast profits, or instant weight loss are often scams.
  8. Watch Out for Unbelievable Offers: If you get offers like unbelievable deals, sales that sound too good to be true, surprise gift cards, prizes, or lottery wins out of nowhere, they're usually just tricks to fool you.
  9. Evaluate WHOIS Information: Find out when the website was registered using WHOIS. Be careful with brand-new websites.
  10. Watch Out for Different Names: Beware if you find other website's name on the policy pages, checkout pages, or at the bottom of the pages. Or, if they have different domain and website names. They might also use well known company names on their website instead of their domain names.

What products that it is selling?

At the time of this Brookepe review, it is selling products like Men's fashion casual geometric print short sleeve polo two-piece set, Men's fashion casual color matching printed short-sleeved polo suit, Men's fashion casual khaki printed long sleeve two-piece set, Men's Casual Print Panel Polo Suit, and so on.

Note: This Brookepe review is based on the mentioned date but it may change its details in the future.

Remember to stay safe when shopping online!

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