8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (2024)

The only thing better than finding that coveted designer bag or perfect summer dress is not having to pay full price. Nothing beats finding that quintessential baby blue sweater or luxury tote you’ve been fantasizing about for weeks on end. Like so many relationships, when it’s good, it’s great. But sometimes shopping can be draining...and occasionally ends in buyer's remorse, especially when the item has a no-returns policy.

Fortunately, plenty of luxury fashion rental services offer a more sustainable approach to wearing what you love: borrowing your wardrobe. Not only can you save copious amounts of money, but it’s also the answer to the revolving door that is fast fashion. If you’ve been curious about revamping your style and experimenting with new looks, renting gives you the flexibility to try things out without the consequences of an impulse purchase.

If you’re not sure where to start, find the eight best rental services that’ll repeatedly revive your closet without breaking the bank, below. We’ve done the research for you, taking into account how each service works and combing through customer reviews. Now, all you have to do is start browsing.

Rent the Runway

      Best for: It Girls on a budget

      Why you’ll want it: Looking to stand out in the crowd as you catch the bouquet at your friend’s upcoming wedding? Maybe you have a snazzy job interview and want to dress to impress. Or maybe your everyday wardrobe is in need of a tune-up. Rent the Runway has eye-grabbing occasion wear and stylishly elevated workwear, including designer pieces from brands like Tibi, Rejina Pyo, Club Monaco, Tory Burch, Reformation, Jason Wu, and more.

      How it works: Choose from one of RTR’s plans and receive up to five, 10, or 20 items per month. The smallest plan offers “basic closet access” to more casual styles valued up to $300 and one shipment per month. The two larger plans include RTR’s full collection, with values up to $3,500 and two or four shipments per month, respectively. Still, all three memberships allow members to rent five items at a time.

      The cost: $94—235/month

      What customers are saying: “My RTR membership lets me refresh my wardrobe and try new trends without overspending on fast fashion. My closet’s always evolving and my budget can stay intact—win win!”—Emily


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (1)

      Simon Miller Sequin co*cktail Dress

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (2)

      Rails Kacia Sweater

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (3)

      Suboo Ella Oversized Coat

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (4)

      Reformation Medium Chiara Bag


      Best for: Experimenting with trends and brands (without breaking the budget)

      Why you’ll want it: You already spend your paycheck on beloved retailers like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People, so why not rent from the good folks at parent company URBN each month, hassle-free?

      How it works: First, fill out a short quiz about your sizing and shape. Once your personal edit is complete, you can browse the clothing and choose up to six rentals a month, which includes new seasonal items. Laundry and clothing repairs are also included in the price. If you decide you simply can’t let go of any of your items, you can purchase them at a discount.

      The cost: $98/month

      What customers are saying: “I can try new styles and new designers. I really loved wearing this fancy $500 dress out and not freaking out about the price. It’s also helped me experiment with clothing I wouldn’t try on my own and I’ve discovered some new things about myself. I also love how it’s risk-free in the sense you can wear the items and they’ll wash them for you. Literally, as I type this post I’m wearing this lime green top and dropped a piece of mango on it. No worries—they’ll take care of that for me. WINNING.”—Kara



      Best for: Personalized styling options

      Why you’ll want it: Armoire allows members to rent designer items with the help of a personal stylist. You get to rent custom-recommended dresses, jeans, outerwear, and pretty much anything else from brands like BCBG, Paige, and Rag & Bone instead of paying the full retail price.

      How it works: Armoire adds a more intimate element to lending and leasing. Take the style quiz and select items from a personalized closet, curated by a combination of a learning algorithm and a team of stylists. You can select pieces from brands based on your likes, dislikes, reviews, and recommendations from a members-only community. Plans range from $79 to $139, and every option includes free cleaning, free shipping and returns, as well as coverage for minor damages. And for the commitment-phobes out there, you can cancel at any time.

      The cost: starting at $79/month

      What customers are saying: “Armoire allows me to explore different styles easily without commitment! I get to explore different aspects of who I am through this rich fashion journey. I love the supportive community and Armorie’s top-notch customer service!”—Sherry


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (9)

      Diane Von Furstenberg Rosa High Waist Ribbed Knit Midi Skirt

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (10)

      Paige Harper Cropped Wide Leg Ankle

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (11)

      Boden Single Button Tailored Wool Blend Blazer

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (12)

      BCBG Maxazria A-Line Tulle Tie Neck Midi Dress


      Best for: Fashionistas who love a sense of community

      Why you’ll want it: Why should you only borrow clothes from your friends? Join in the communal closet at Tulerie, the peer-to-peer clothing rental app allowing users to rent out the full spectrum of their wardrobes from each other. While you raid countless closets—hello vintage gems!—make money simultaneously by opening the door to yours. The best part? Everyone is incredibly respectful—each new member is vetted via FaceTime so that you can feel confident sharing your favorite pieces.

      How it works: Download the app, browse, then make rental requests. It’s that straightforward.

      To rent out, simply accept requests and ship it out. Don’t forget to professionally clean your clothes when they’re returned to you (using the cleaning fee paid by the borrower).

      The cost: Priced individually on each listing.

      What customers are saying: “I was so excited to use Tulerie for the last vacation I went on. It was a sustainable and affordable way to get to have some new designer pieces in my wardrobe without the guilt. Their curation has been very elevated from the beginning and they have quickly become my go-to for events as well. I love supporting women-owned companies and the idea of a peer-to-peer sharing of closets helps build a really beautiful and like-minded community.”—Cassandra


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (13)

      Maggie Marilyn Your Direction Tie Top

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (14)

      Christian Dior Plaid Fringe Skirt

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (15)

      Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessories

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (16)

      Altuzarra Vendaval Tiered Midi Dress


      Best for: Testing out accessories before making a discounted purchase

      Why you’ll want it: Think again before your next big bag splurge, because now you can rent to buy! Designer bags have a heftier price tag, but with Vivrelle, you can rent top luxury brands without burning a hole in your wallet.

      How it works: Choose from one of four membership tier plans to rent up to two designer bags or jewelry. Oh, and if you join the email list, you automatically get 25 percent off your first month.

      The cost: Starting at $45/month

      What customers are saying:Each month when I pick out my Vivrelle bag it feels like Christmas morning. I have had this membership since they started and have had only the most positive experiences. The new showroom is gorgeous and everyone who helped me pick out this month’s bag was nothing but genuine, and helpful and took the time and attention to what I was looking for (have different events this month). I don't know how this wasn't a membership or around sooner!”Cait


      Bottega Veneta Teen Jodie

      $119 at vivrelle.com

      Louis Vuitton Monogram Petit Sac Plat

      $119 at vivrelle.com

      Bottega Veneta Grained Cassette Crossbody

      $119 at vivrelle.com

      Prada Re-Edition 2000 Terry Mini Bag

      $119 at vivrelle.com

      Gwynnie Bee

      Best for: Every woman, every size

      Why you’ll want it: Gwynnie Bee’s website has stylist-curated categories like work and weekend so members can easily browse clothing for every occasion. The service caters specifically to women sizes 10 to 32 with styles from brands like Calvin Klein, ModCloth, and Eshakti.

      How it works: Before you decide to commit to Gwynnie Bee, the company offers a free trial that allows customers to rent two items at a time for one month. After your trial period is over, the pricing increases based on how many items you want to take out at a time. The priciest box allows you to rent up to 10 items and costs $199.

      The cost: starting at $69/month

      What customers are saying: “Gwynnie Bee is a good service for any woman sizes 0 to 32. I think it’s especially awesome for babes who work in an office environment and need to look put together on a daily basis. I think the business casual options on the site are my favorite of all... Now that I’m not in an office environment, I use it for date-night dresses and casual everyday wear. I use it to expose myself to new brands which can be quite helpful as a blogger, and I also like to use it to try trends that I know aren’t worth spending much money on given how quickly they’ll be out of style again. I think that apartment dwellers with limited storage space can also benefit greatly from the service. When I lived in New York I had to pare down my wardrobe tremendously, and Gwynnie Bee allowed me to still look stylish although I didn’t own much clothing.”—Miranda


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (21)

      Sanctuary Clothing Zip Up Electric Green Sweater

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (22)

      Skies Are Blue Tonal Print Hunter Green Pants

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (23)

      Leota Miranda Mock Neck Fit-And-Flare Dress

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (24)

      Cozy Casual Camel Lapel Coat

      Vince Unfold

      Best for: Vince ultrafans

      Why you’ll want it: The Pinterest girl closet you’ve been coveting is now within your grasp. Vince Unfold is a great way to try out the brand’s offerings, from breezy linens for an upcoming vacation to leather and velvet suits that’ll make you look and feel your best.

      How it works: Vince Unfold members are encouraged to maintain at least 10 items in their virtual closet; the company sends out four at a time. You can wear them for as long as you wish within the month and exchange them whenever you want, all month long. Vince Unfold also offers members a discounted price on all its offerings, so you can keep the ones you want or return your items for a new batch.

      The cost: $160/month

      What customers are saying: “The way the service works is a bit different than Rent the Runway, but once you realize how to optimize the service to your life, it’s the most convenient one out there. I’ve been an Unfold member for over a year now and have loved every month! You can use the Return Notify feature to get your next shipment processing before Vince Unfold receives your current box back. And the more you have in your closet, the faster they are able to match you to your next box to increase the shipping time.”—Emma


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (25)

      Vince Unfold Brushed Polo Sweater

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (26)

      Vince Unfold Stove Pipe Pull On Pant

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (27)

      Vince Unfold Mock Neck Sweater

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (28)

      Vince Unfold Side Slit Slip Skirt


      Best for: Designer accessory aficionados

      Why you’ll want it: Rent from a vast assortment of jewelry pieces and bags starting at just $55 a month. From signature gold Chanel earrings, mini quilted Bottega bags, and even vintage pieces, there’s something for even the most particular accessories-obsessed person.

      How it works: Switch allows members to add up to three designer bags and jewelry by selecting from their virtual closet, so you’ll actually get pieces you truly love. Some of the perks of being a member include 2-day FedEx shipping and coverage for your pieces, so there’s no need to sweat a small scuff.

      The cost: $55/month

      What customers are saying: “My Switch pieces were all exceptional and made accessorizing my outfits fun. I love that I can experiment with pieces that are out of my budget (or totally outside by comfort zone). And because of their affordable subscription services, you can be a little more daring.“Jewel


      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (29)

      Givenchy Vintage Chain Link Bracelet

      Now 78% Off

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (30)

      Chanel Caged CC Logo Drop Earrings

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (31)

      Chanel Vintage Large Woven Blue Gripoix Clip On Earrings

      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (32)

      Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra Ring, Size 5

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      8 Clothing Rental Services to Refresh Your Wardrobe (2024)
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